Goodbye September, Hello October

hello october !

It’s October! Wow! September just flew by! Now that it is the beginning of a brand new month, I’ve been reflecting on the past month and also making goals for this month.

In May, I published a post titled, “I Am a Sophomore in College” and listed some of my goals for this coming year. It’s been a month into college and I already feel as if I’ve placed a dent in them! I’m really proud of myself.

let’s take a look…

1. I will make friends.

This goal may seem silly to some people, but to me, it’s a big deal. I have a really hard time making friendships. However, I’ve been teaching myself how to let friendships come more easily. Sometimes it seems as if I expect all friends to be best friends, but I have to remember that some people are just going to be friends and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone connects to one another on a different level.

2. I will get involved more.

Well, I joined seven clubs. Yeah. I know. Overwhelmed, I listed the pros and cons of all the organizations and cut my number down to four, which is much more manageable. Plus, now my clubs are a relaxation time for me rather than something I feel forced to go to. Being involved in clubs that fit my interests have helped me make friends as well. Instead of keeping all the people I meet as acquaintances, I’ve learned to make time to hang out with them, even if that means just grabbing lunch together! Being involved has made me feel even more accepted at my university. It feels incredible to be a part of something.

3. I will study more.

Ha ha ha…. yeah…

Just kidding! πŸ˜› I do study. I could study a bit more though. It’s mainly a time commitment issue. I need to learn how to spread out my time evenly between classes instead of focusing all my time and energy on one class and then feeling too overwhelmed and tired to start studying for another.

4. I will relax and I will have fun.

Oh heck yeah baby! This year has been the time of my life so far. I cannot wait to see what else it has to offer! I laugh a belly-aching, hand-clapping laugh every day and I am so happy I’ve taught myself to let go. College isn’t only about getting a job after graduation. Expand your mind. Learn something new every day outside of the classroom. Look at the world around you through rose-colored glasses. Feel alive. Take a chance. Try new things. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Without failure, nothing is gained. How can you change, grow, and get better without trying new things? Don’t be afraid. Just do it! You only live once! As painfully cheesy as pop culture has made that sound, it’s the truth!

I’ve learned to wake up every morning and smile. I’ve learned to not only go through the motions of my day, but fully engage my mind, body, and soul into every single thing I do, even if it is as small as thanking the boy who holds the door for me. It changes the way I live. When I wake up, I stop myself from groaning and instead, open the blinds and thank the universe for being so beautiful. I am grateful for waking up and for being so blessed. It’s really easy for people to forget how privileged they are. You have so many opportunities in this life. Chase after every one.

For example, today I performed a poem of mine at an open mic in front of a room full of talented poets. I was so close to not signing up, but I just did it! I told myself: “WHY NOT?!” What is stopping me?! I will not let my fears rule my life! I have authority over my thoughts and my mind. I told those fearful thoughts that they have no room here. They are unwelcome and uninvited. I will never become a better poet unless I put myself out there and let myself grow and experience what life has to offer!

Another example: I wanted to apply for a leadership position in the largest organization Ohio State offers, but I didn’t feel like I would have a chance. I’m just one person at a school of 60,000. Guess what? I just did it anyway. You’ll never believe what happened next… πŸ˜‰ I got chosen! Yes!

In the words of Bill Cosby, “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”

october goals…

I love goal making. If you want things to change, stop saying you want things to change and change them! Actions speak louder than words, correct?

1. Make someone smile or laugh every day.
2. Compliment someone every day.
3. Compliment myself every day (self love is so important).
4. Read more
5. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes (until I can build it up for longer periods)
6. Write down my dreams every morning I remember them
7. If I’m not doing school work, quit staying up late doing pointless things and get more sleep
8. Hug people more
9. Engage in more soul-warming conversations
10. Never go to bed angry

What are your October goals?
What was your favorite part about September?
What are you looking forward to in October?
Did you learn anything meaningful that you will carry on to the upcoming months with you?

Talk to me! πŸ™‚

Laurie Hamame

Ball of sunshine. Chronic giggler. A lover of all things sweet potato. An overly friendly, world traveling, body positive warrior. Avid bookworm. Self-proclaimed chef and spiritually Italian. Promotor of daily walks, coffee dates and 30-second dance parties.

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  • Angel
    October 2, 2013

    My favorite part about September was finding MY academic path regardless of other people's opinions

    I'm looking forward to visiting home for the first time in 8 weeks and seeing my best friend who I haven't seen since July! Oh, and, of course Halloween (cheesy children's movies and candy)!


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Laurie Hamame

Ball of sunshine. Chronic giggler. A lover of all things sweet potato. An overly friendly, world traveling, body positive warrior. Avid bookworm. Self-proclaimed chef and spiritually Italian. Promotor of daily walks, coffee dates and 30-second dance parties.

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