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Ohio State Student Takes Own Spin on Coffee

Michael Arato and Preethi Chidambaram give samples of CafeButter at the Columbus Coffee Festival.
Credit: Courtesy of Michael Arato

Routine morning cups of joe and mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-ups can soon be supplemented with CafeButter — spreadable coffee created by Michael Arato, a fourth-year in food science.

Arato said he invented the caffeinated spread with a similar consistency to Nutella when he was pondering a void in savory breakfast spreads. Australia has Vegemite and Marmite, but he couldn’t think of an American equivalent. He said his first thought was to go with a spicy spread to wake people up, but decided that caffeine could do that job instead.  

English Course Compares Rock Music to Poetry

Students will look at alternative music as poetry in a course offered by the Ohio State Department of English.
Credit: Cameron Carr | Lantern Reporter

Poetry isn’t only found in old books, it’s also broadcasted on the radio.

A course offered by the Ohio State Department of English looks at alternative rock lyrics as poetry. Alternative Rock Lyrics as Poems will be offered in Spring 2017 as an upper-division level course for English majors, English 4560, and as a Cultures and Ideas GE course, English 3364, which will also include an introduction to poetry.

Ohio State to Represent in Slam Poetry Competition


The 2017 CUPSI team from left to right; Leonna Bell, Anna Wiese, Anna Voelker, Christina Szuch and Xavier Smith.
Credit: Laurie Hamame | Lantern reporter

Some poetry is written to be read, but some is meant to be read aloud. Spoken word poems, also called performance or slam poetry, are crafted to be brought alive in front of an audience.

Since 2001, the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) has presented a platform for young poets to be heard.

Photography Club Captures Different Points of View

A photo of Ohio Stadium taken by photography club member Joshua Farr. 
Credit: Courtesy of Joshua Farr

While photographing a nature scene, Nicole Badik was stopped by a stranger who admired her point of view and said, “Wow. I never would have stopped to look at that.”

For four years, amateur and professional photographers have gathered on Ohio State’s campus to learn and share in their quest to capture the perfect image in the Photography Enthusiast Society.

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