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La Passeggiata, An Evening Stroll in Italy

As the scorching summer sun winds down and begins to loosen its grip on the central piazzas, Italians take a natural gravitation to the streets to perform a see-and-be-seen social ritual called la passeggiata (lah PAHS-seh-JAH-tah).

From the verb passeggiare — “to stroll” — a passeggiata is a “little walk.”

10 Signs You Lived in Italy in a Past Life

Ah, Italia, how I’ve missed you so. Just one year ago, my blog was flourishing with day-to-day posts about my 7-week stay in the birthplace of The Renaissance. 409 days later (…but who’s counting?) and I still have yet to forget Italy’s soul-stirring and heart-thumping food, landscapes, people, and art.

I’m knees-deep into my second year of studying the language, I eat pasta at least three times a week, and oh… did I forget to mention I’m dating an Italian-American who is as nuts about the boot-shaped country as I am? Yes!

How We Took a Road Trip on a College Budget

Road Trip on a College Budget

If ever there was a country made for road trips, it’s the States. Road trips are really keen on the idea “It’s not about the destination, but your journey.” And regarding our grand continent that stretches from sea-to-shining-sea, this is totally true.

Before this summer ended, I chased that great affair and set out for the horizon. My best friend Jasmine and I teared up some open road and traveled along the New England coast. For anyone yet to depart on a roadside adventure, here’s a quick guide to budgeting for a road trip.

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