… AND THE WORLD MY PLAYGROUND! I’m always down for an adventure, a road trip, and getting lost in my own Backyard.

That's the Laurie Hamame way, baby.

A bride’s mom once came up to me and said, “It has been such a pleasure to have you here. You have such an upbeat personality that even when the timeline was completely thrown, we lost our earrings, and things were totally hectic, you made everything run so smoothly and you were such a positive presence that we didn’t even feel stressed anymore.”

My bride Katie once told me, “The last six months have been so exhausting in regards to planning and the entire time we have said to each other ‘Thank god for Laurie’ because if we didn’t have someone as reliable as you, we would have jumped off a cliff.”
My clients hired me because they understand my style and accept my weird; and I booked them because their personalities meshed with mine and I felt a true connection. These conversations didn’t start with, “What are your prices?” We laughed together before we discussed dollar signs and contracts, and I felt them value me as much as I value them. All of this not only creates a wonderful friendship, but it makes creating on their wedding day seamless and fun. We don’t get stressed because we have established a bond and a trust that says, “Don’t worry – I got you.”

I don’t want to be “just another thing to cross off the wedding planning list” or “a decent photographer you found on Google.” I am not just a service provider, a vendor, or a person with a camera. When you book me, you can expect me to not only create beautiful images that will capture all of the emotions of your day, but I will also help with the stresses and join in on the excitement. Like… how I feel about my couples is akin to a golden retriever puppy.

I only take a limited amount of weddings per year so that I can fully invest my heart and time into making sure my couples feel supported through the whole process